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Planning Guide: First Looks

In recent years, the superstitious tradition of not seeing your betrothed until walking down the aisle has given way to the trend of First Looks. While several couples enjoy this private moment before the ceremony or perhaps taking bridal party photos allowing extra time to attend cocktail hour, some want to wait for the big reveal. Here are a few alternative First Look moments to consider including in your pre-ceremony timeline:

Father of the Bride

Your mom has already seen you in your dress and is probably helping you get button up while getting ready, but Dad has likely avoided the preparation. Take a few moments to show off and love on your dad before he walks you down the aisle.

Family First Looks

Give your family and his a special nod by inviting them each for a first look and chance for well wishes before walking down the aisle. This is fun for the groom too! Scheduling this will also keep too many family members from popping into the bridal suite to see the dress.

Bridesmaids & Groomsmen

Your squad has been supporting you throughout the morning with hair and makeup and mimosas ;) After mom laces you up, line your girls up and give them a sneak peek of the final look! You asked them to be your bridesmaids because you know they are your biggest cheerleaders so give them a chance to holler! *This is fun for the groom and his crew too.

First Touch

Reach around the corner, through the window, or blindfold him (so you don't mess up your makeup) for a loving touch before the ceremony. Remember the feeling of the first time you brushed hands and spark the excitement without peeking!

Blindfolded Kiss

Can't wait until the officiant invites yall to kiss? Bring a blindfold for your beau, pop a breath mint, and give him a big smooch before lining up for the ceremony processional! Make sure you have a bridesmaid with your lip gloss on hand for any necessary touch ups.

Fake Out!

Relieve some of the pre-ceremony pressure with a fake out first look! Send a mutual friend or wear a costume over your dress. Have fun with it!

*Be sure to include any first looks on your shot list to the planner, photographer, and videographer so we can plan accordingly and get in position to capture the moments.

ASK YOUR PLANNER for more ideas and options.

Need a planner? We are here to help!

Head to our Planning Guide for more tips & tricks!


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