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Planning Guide: Venue Tour Tips

What are the ceremony locations? If outdoors, what is the lighting like during your ceremony time?

What, if any, furniture is included?

Do you offer any in-house rentals?

Don't forget to look at the bathrooms! How many? Private bride's bathroom?

Bridal Suite, Groom's Suite - and is there a place for family before the ceremony?

Is there a separate area for ceremony, cocktail and reception? Where will guests go upon arrival?

What is used for climate control? Central air/heat, outdoor fans or heaters, outdoor misters, shade, etc.

In-house sound system? Where does the band/DJ plug need to plug in? Is it required or can they bring their own?

Are the walking paths easy to navigate in heels?

What is the rain plan?

Are you required to use any specific vendors?

Where will your vendors put all of their stuff? Is there a room/closet, or will it be in the corner of the room?

Where do guests park? Vendors? VIPs?

What are your tour guide's favorite photo op spots? (think first look, bride and groom golden hour portraits, fun or unique features of the venue)


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