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Planning Guide: Unity Rituals

We love incorporating our couples' personalities into all aspects of the wedding! Chat with your officiant about incorporating a unity act or tradition into your ceremony. Here are a few of our favorites:

Anniversary Love Letter (& Wine!)

The bride and groom write letters describing their love for each other and their hopes for their future together. These letters are locked in a box, along with a bottle of wine from the wedding to be opened on your fifth anniversary. (Check out our guide to annual anniversary gift traditions - 5 years is wood!)

Brand Something

Have a hot iron in the fire during the ceremony and before your vows, have a groomsman or bridal attendant bring the brand and the item of choice for the couple to both grab the handle and brand! *Be careful - it may be HOT! We've had couples brand a wine barrel lid that was turned into a coffee table and another brand a small wooden bench that all of their guests signed and is now sitting on their front porch. Use a family brand or create your own design!


This ancient Celtic ritual ties hands of the couple together during the ceremony to symbolize the binding of two lives. Traditionally, the rope or ribbon is be tied by the officiant, but many couples choose to include their families. This ritual can also be done during the engagement.

Plant a Tree

During the ceremony, the bride and groom will take their own earth and Ask your parents to bring a small bag of dirt from your family home or a special location, or perhaps you and your partner can start collecting dirt from places you visit.

Broom Leap

Leap in to love by jumping over a broom or another meaningful item after saying your vows. This jump forward symbolizes the couple crossing the threshold into marriage both physically and spiritually. The broom was used to represent sweeping away the past, but couples can use anything meaningful to them!

ASK YOUR PLANNER for more ideas.

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