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Planning Guide: Photography Shot List

Use this as a starting guide for your photography shot list. Each event is different, so be sure to edit and add accordingly!

Pre-Ceremony Bride

Hanging Dress

Invitation Suite

Bride's Shoes

Bride's Jewelry

Bridal Bouquet

Bride Looking in Mirror

Bride Putting on Makeup

Bride Styling Hair

Bridesmaids Assisting Bride

Bride + Bridesmaids in Robes/PJs

Bride Dressing Details

MoB + Bride Dressing Details

Bride with Mom

Bride with Father

Bride with Flower girl

Bride with Bridesmaids

Pre-Ceremony Groom

Groomsmen Getting Ready

Groom Fashion Details: please list

Wedding rings

Groom buttoning jacket

Groom standing alone, dressed

Groomsmen putting on jackets

Groomsmen tying shoes

Groomsmen shaking hands

MoG pinning Groom’s boutonniere

Groom with MoG

Groom with FoG

Groom with Ushers

Groom with Groomsmen

Pre-Ceremony Couple

First Look

First Touch

Letter/Gift Exchange

Vow Reading

Bridal Party Petal Toss

Ceremony Details

Welcome Sign

Guest Book

Aisle Markers

Altar Details

Wedding Program

Ceremony Details: please list

Ceremony Action


Family's Facial Expressions

Groom's Expression

Giving Away the Bride

Bridal Party Reactions

Exchange of Rings


First kiss

Guest from Behind the Altar

Recessional Kiss

Ceremony Details: please list


Groomsmen with Groom

Groomsmen having fun together

Bridesmaids with bride

Full Bridal Party

Groom only with Groom’s parents

Groom with Groom’s extended family

Bride only with Bride’s parents

Bride with Bride’s extended family

Bride and Groom with All parents

Bride/groom with extended family

Entire Bridal Party

Extended Family

Bride and Groom Portraits

Close-up of rings

Reception Details

Table decor and floral arrangements

Escort Display

Special Decor Details: please list

Sweetheart Table

Head Table

Centerpieces: how many styles?

Cake Details

Groom's Cake

Full Room Shot

Reception Action

Catering Details: please list, provide menu

Bar Details: please list, provide menu, specialty drinks

Formal introductions / entry of bridal party

Formal introductions of bride and groom

Toasts and speeches: how many

First dance with bride and groom

Family Dances: please list

Bridesmaids and groomsmen dancing

Family members dancing

Guests dancing / conversing

Shoe Game

Anniversary Dance

Dollar Dance

Bouquet Toss

Garter Toss

Cake cutting

Dance Floor Accessories

Private Last Dance

Send Off


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