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Planning Guide: Cake Pull

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite wedding activities! Small charms attached to ribbons are baked into the cake. During the cake cutting, a party of pullers is brought up to the cake and pull the ribbons to reveal their charm!

Where does it come from? My initial research focused on the southern roots of the tradition - southern charm, get it ?? Anyways, turns out it is also commonly practiced in Andean weddings in South America. Both trace back to Victorian times when it was called "ribbon pulling."

Who pulls? Traditionally, the brides single bridesmaids would be included in the pulling party. One charm is a ring symbolizing the next girl to get married. BUT we love breaking the rules, so considering including the boys from the wedding party too or maybe incorporate your parents or grandparents.

Want folks to get a specific charm? Ask your baker to provide a cheat sheet that you can hand off to your planner to make sure everyone pulls the right prophecy!

Here are a few charm examples:

  • Coin: Prosperity. (traditional)

  • Ring: You will find your true love or be the next to marry (traditional)

  • Button: Your days of bachelorhood are over or will have children soon (traditional)

  • Wishbone: You will have a wish come true (traditional)

  • Boot: You will travel (traditional)

  • Thimble: You will remain a bachelor OR The thimble of blessedness (traditional)

  • Bell: Betrothal (traditional)

  • Baby Booties or Footprints: a child soon

  • Anchor: You will find (or have) love that is steady and true

  • Key: You will have a secure life

  • Crown: You will live happily ever after

  • Star: You will be famous

  • Four Leaf Clover: Good luck will find you soon

  • Bird: A new opportunity will soon present itself

  • Guitar: Your home will be in harmony (mostly anyways)

  • Butterfly: Eternal beauty

  • Dog: You will always have at least one loyal friend

  • Dolphin: You have a playful soul

  • Frog Prince: You will have your fairytale (live happily ever after)

  • Boat: An adventure awaits you

  • Ladies Shoe: Always at that peak of fashion

  • Pig: An abundance of the finer things

  • Music Note: Harmony

  • Arrow or Heart with Arrow: Romance

  • Fleur-de-lis: You will live a life of prosperity

  • Lion: You will conquer any problem that you face

  • Wine Glass: You will get even better with age

  • Teddy Bear: You will always be a child at heart

  • Watering Can: You are a blessing to others

  • Wishbone: Your greatest wish will come true

  • Garden trowel: Your work will provide a bountiful harvest

  • Teapot: You make others feel warm inside

  • Cross: You will have a life of peace and tranquility

  • Castle: You will have your happily ever after

  • Seashell: You will have a life of timeless beauty

  • Flower: Romance

  • Airplane: Traveling awaits

  • Heart: Blessed with a life full of love

  • Hammer: Will find a job you enjoy

  • Mask: Something fun and unexpected will happen

  • Horse: Free spirited

  • Motorcycle: Adventure

  • Cat: You will exhibit extreme cleverness

  • Owl: You will gain wisdom

ASK YOUR PLANNER for more ideas.

Need a planner? We are here to help!

Head to our Planning Guide blog for more tips & tricks!


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