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Planning Guide: Gratuities

Wedding Planner Gratuities are not expected, but always appreciated! If you feel like your planner went above and beyond their contracted services, or if they provided any discounts, offering a gratuity up to 10-20% is a nice way of saying "thank you" for their efforts. If the day-of team catered to all of your needs, a gratuity of $25-100 per staff is a gracious thanks. Another great way to show your appreciation is to write a review on The Knot and Wedding Wire.


Many catering companies add gratuity as a line item to their invoice. If your contract does not include gratuity, we recommend tipping $25 - $100 per server based on service style and number of guests.

Photographer and Videographer Tipping your photography and videography teams are optional. We recommend tipping $50 - $100 to each team member if you feel like they went above and beyond to "get the shot" and make you feel comfortable and confident. You may also consider a gratuity if you receive your images / video ahead of schedule.

Beauty Professionals

Many beauty hair stylists and makeup artists will include a gratuity in their invoice. If a gratuity is not included, 15% or $20-$50 per stylist is expected.

Officiant A donation of $100 to their church is a great way to thank your officiant. If the officiant is non-denominational, consider giving them a small gift, especially if they are not charging for your service.

Music Offering a gratuity of 10% is a nice gesture to DJ, especially if they have to carry a lot of heavy equipment from one location to the next. Depending on the requirements outlined in your band's contract, a $25 - $50 tip per band member is appropriate for fun event.


The florist does not typically expect a tip. If team members stay on-site to transition floral elements during the event, a gratuity of $25-$50 per team member may be appropriate. If you feel like your florist provided excellent service, guidance, and execution a 10% gratuity is appreciated.

Transportation Drivers and valet staff providing timely and professionals services typically expect a gratuity of $50 - $100 per team member.

While tipping at weddings is appreciated, it is not mandatory or even expected by most wedding pros. Providing a great review of your favorite vendors goes a long way in supporting their small business. We recommend WeddingWire, The Knot, Facebook, and Google.

** The best way to show your appreciation is to refer your vendors to friends! **

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