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Planning Guide: Getaway Vehicle

Don't get behind the wheel on your wedding day! Enjoy the ride with a glass of champagne and a piece of cake while reminiscing about your favorite parts of the day. There are plenty of awesome ways to leave your wedding - even if you're coming back ;)

Go Vintage - There are some amazing vintage car services around town, complete with costumed driver!

Ride Share - Uber and Lyft offer reservations for high end rides. Be sure to confirm with your driver that morning and have someone check in about an hour before pick up time, just to be sure :)

Pedicab - Getting married downtown? A pedicab is a fun Austin-chic and eco-friendly mode of transportation.

Party Bus - Invite the whole crew to join you on the way to the after party!

Parking Shuttle - Not leaving? Hop on the parking shuttle for a quick ride around the lot and then return for a grand entrance as the party continues!

Hot Air Balloon - We haven't had a bride do this... YET!

Horseback - Or there is always riding off into the sunset on horseback.

ASK YOUR PLANNER for more inspiration and ideas.

Need a planner? We are here to help!

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